Canadian Artist working in Art + Medicine



As a visiting artist-researcher, I began traveling to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto in February 2017 to spend time with and learn from the patients. In May 2017, I visited the Mood and Anxiety unit and got to experience patients with mania. The following June, I began planning visual research to come from those experiences, when I went manic. Over the month of June, I continued to live-with my mania but also recognized the unusual position I was in: I was someone studying others mania, who now was manic himself. 

I kept my techniques and materials fluid, trying, as much as possible, to let intuition and the illness drive the paintings—taking them in directions that I didn't expect.

Since then I have been developing the techniques discovered during the episode and seeing where it takes me next. This is the page where my painting practice will be shared.