Canadian Artist working in Art + Medicine


Over the past eight years, I have sessionally instructed at the University of Alberta and, for the past four years, at MacEwan University. I have taught students from first-year through to graduation in Art Fundamentals, Drawing, and Intermedia at the UofA and the second-year Intermedia and Contemporary Drawing courses at MacEwan. In these courses, we cover a large range of media from drawing, photography, video, sound, 3D-modeling, interactive electronics, performance, relational works, sculpture, and installation. 

Youtube channel of student video work found (here)

Below is a sampling of 4th-year Intermedia work produced in Spring 2018. It was a performance art and documentation class crossed with printmaking.

Below is a sampling of the 4th-year graduating class at the University of Alberta in Intermedia. The course ended with an exhibition at Latitude 53 in December 2017.

Below are 2nd and 3rd year Intermedia students at MacEwan University and the University of Alberta from 2016/17

Below is 3rd and 4th year work from spring of 2016.

Below are examples from a 3rd year Intermedia class in Fall of 2015.

Below are examples of a second year figurative drawing class

Below are examples from a first year drawing course in the Winter of 2014

Below are examples of 4th year work from 2014.