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Alberta #2 (Replica)


I didn't know it at the time but in the winter of 2012 I wrote and shot a 2-minute film called "the budget" that would be the starting point for this whole project. It was about how my wife and I couldn't afford to have kids because I was still in graduate school. 6-years later we have two children and I am obsessed with legacy, family, and where and who I came from. I have been shooting footage for 6 years now and I am sure it will continue on. More events keep happening in my life that need to be in the film. I plan on releasing sections as they are completed. The short film Alberta #3 is complete, Stormshelter (formally Alberta #4) has premiered in Toronto, and a short novel Alberta #5 (Anamnesis) is in production.

First trailer for a autoenthorgraphic film 5 years in the making

In January 2016 my father and I did a number of trips up to his grandparent's graves where I filmed and read narratives.

Over the past 5 years I have been writing to a grandmother I have never met.